Friday, May 22, 2015

More Plaubel Makina 67 Experiments

Here are some landscape shots made last week when I went biking. I will try shooting some more portraits (the reason I bought the camera) this coming week.

Statue #1 my father and my cemetery, Edmonton Canada 2015
Statue #2 my father and my cemetery, Edmonton Canada 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Camera, Link: Graflex RB 4x5 For Sale

This camera is a beauty, it was owned by photojournalist Fred Tonne, who workeds for the Milwaukee Journal Newspaper. I have never seen a Graflex of that era (1912-1952?) on eBay in such great condition. This is one of those cameras that might fun to own even if you do not shoot it, just to look it. Thou not using a camera and keeping it as a piece of art on its own seems a wrong somehow. If I ever did buy a camera only to look at this would the one!

I am not sure how usable a tool like this would be in todays photo world. I would use it handheld and it can focus its 190mm lens down to about 2 feet. Still most everything shot without flash would probably have to be around F5.6 which is a very large aperture and shallow depth of field to work with. This camera is probably from the late 1930s, still thou, what a beauty!

To shoot a camera that Strand, Weston, Lange, Stieglitz and Hine used would also be super cool. Was watching some YouTube vids on how to run the camera, it is a fairly complex procedure.

Here is a link on how to shoot the camera:

Graflex How To Video

Getting Stronger

Am feeling stronger and lighter. I have not weighed myself but I feel more light, more agile than I used to. The workouts seem less strenuous and the numbers are increasing. My push-up, chin-up, sit-up and stairs are easier than they used to be. Tonight during my night shift workout I seem to be flying through everything with ease. I need to start to lengthen my bike trips as the 20kms to and from dads grave doe not seem nearly as difficult as it used to be.

I have another 5 months and a bit of training. If I continue to listen to my body, to do things with moderation and to slowly raise the numbers I should be fine. I need to continue to watch my diet, last week I ate pyrogies 2 times, that's a tad much. By the time the Asia trip comes I should be in good physical condition, which will help so much with the photography.

Now onto my stretching!

Quote: Gene Siskel

"Devote your life to something you love--not like, but love."

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Quote: Nelson Mandela

From the film "Invictus"

"Forgiveness liberates the soul, it removes fear, that is why it is such a powerful weapon."

Monday, May 18, 2015

Link: Pier 24 Photography

Here is a link to the new website for the best photography gallery I have ever visited. The gallery is "Pier 24 Photography" in San Francisco, my last trip down there I went to the gallery 3 times, a fricking awesome experience. I am planning to take another trip to San Fran the next time Pier 24 has some work I am interested in viewing. This place is free and pretty damn great, here is the link.

Pier 24 Photography

"Pier 24 Photography" under the bay bridge in San Francisco California

Today's Exercise

Did some garden work, planted peas, carrots and onions. Then I got on the bike and 22.3 kms over 1 hour and 5 minute of riding time. Went down to the graveyard to spend time with dad, told him about the stuff that was happening.

I also took my Making 67 and shot 3 rolls, all of stuff I rode past. The camera was fun to shoot. I wanted to do F2.8 shooting but there was way to much light. I would only have been able to stop down to about F/11 or so with a shutter seed of 1/500. I ended up shooting the pics at 1/125 and F22 or 1/250 at F16. For the most part I used the scale on the camera and did zone focusing. I will post some of those pics later. I need to buy some 58mm neutral density filters which would allow me to shoot wide open and get the bokeh I love.

Update: I found a 58mm ND 8 (+3 stops exposure when using) in my collection of photo gear. One of the advantages of buying everything photography related for 36 years is that you have lots of stuff. Stuff that you did not even know you have, you have! I am not sure if I need the ND 4 version, this ND 8 which was made in Japan (good quality) should be enough. Today instead of shooting at 1/125 and F 22, I could have put on the ND 8 filter and shot at 1/500 and F 4 maybe F 2.8 1/2 (a bit of overexposure). Allowing me to get the bokeh look I wanted. The filter is now in my camera bag for next time.

On A Mission

I am on a mission now, the mission is to prepare for my return to Southeast Asia in November. I need to get all my ducks lined up well before that.

Some of the things I need to do:

- Drop weight. I am too big to effectively work in the field.
- Gain some strength, aerobic conditioning as well as flexibility. Which will help my stamina.
- Work with my new Makina 67 to become more proficient with it.
- Shoot the 5x7 with 120mm lens so that I can work faster and more effectively in Asia.
- Learn more Burmese, Thai and Khmer. My language skills need to improve.
- Plan and write about my projects, so that when I am in Asia I will know a general path to follow.
- Prepare all the gear and film I will use. I believe I might need to buy a bit of 120 film but have all the stock I need of 5x7 sheet film and 35mm bulk Tri-x.

I need to work hard over the next 5 months or so at these goals, so that when I arrive in Asia I can get the ground running, and creating effectively.

Graflex RB Super D 4x5

A friend here in Edmonton is selling one of these, pretty aren't they. The Graflex in its day was used extensively by Edward Weston, Lewis Hine, Dorthea Lange, Alfred Stieglitz and Paul Strand, now that's a starting lineup!! It is a 4x5 camera with flash sync that has a mirror like a 35mm SLR and was mostly used handheld!

Graflex RB Super 4x5

Sunday, May 17, 2015

First Roll With The Plaubel Makina 67

Here are a few scans with my first roll in the new Makina 67. I like the bokeh, I think it should work well. Am a bit worried at how close I can focus with this camera. Minimum focusing distance is 1 meter with a 80mm lens in the 6x9 format. Exposures were using the internal meter set at 200ASA for Tri-x, at 1/250th and F2.8. The camera made beautiful sharp easy to print negs with good contrast.

The bokeh is especially beautiful in the closer shots, it creates a real surreal effect. I now feel I did not make a mistake buying this camera

Update* Not all the negs on the roll of 10 exposures are sharp but some definitely are. I think this is a result of shooting at F2.8 (little depth of focus) and my inexperience using this camera. Hopefully I can get a higher percentage of sharp negs at F2.8 with continued practise. I also need to try F4 to see what that bokeh looks like, I should have more focusing room error at F4.

Note* These 2 photos were sharpened a bit in photoshop express.

Lisa full body
Lisa head and shoulders