Friday, April 17, 2015

Quote: Donald McCullin

"Photography for me is not looking, it's feeling. If you can't feel what you're looking at, then you're never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures."

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Diego Velazquez (1599-1660)

Was reading a book on Edouard Manet an artist I greatly admire and got turned onto the painter Diego Velazquez. Valazquez was a Spanish artist that inspired the likes of Dali, Picasso and Manet. He had a very realistic style and created strong portraiture. I need to spend more time reading about his life and studying his work.

MarĂ­a Teresa (1638–1683), Infanta of Spainby Diego Velazquez
Juan de Pareja (born about 1610, died 1670), by Diego Velazquez
Head of girl by Diego Velazquez

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Links: Sebastiao Salgado Vids And Filming Saturday

I am going to go down to the Louie Gallery on Saturday and record my film story videos. I plan on doing at least 3 different short films of prints hanging in the gallery for the current "Families of the Dump" series. Eventually these 3 vids will go on to my YouTube channel for the world to see. It will be the first time I really come out from behind the camera to face the camera eye to eye. These things should turn out pretty well, I have a HD video camera and proper sound and editing equipment. The film stories should be at least semi pro looking in quality.

These Sebastiao Salgado videos sent to me by an online friend James, are the inspiration to do the my own video stories.

In Search Of "The Great Photograph"

Most photographers who devote their lives to their craft create competent work, some make very good even strong photographs. Creating a truly great image thou, that is the dream many of us share. A photograph that transcends time and lives on long after those who have made it and those that are in it are long since dead. Something that speaks to the whole world with power, strength and meaning.

I want to create a photograph like that before I die. A truly great work that would tell a noble truth of what it is to be a human being. A photograph that will have a universal appeal and understanding regardless of country, language, culture or religion.

It will probably never happen but I will try the rest of my life to create such an important image. Heck what else I got to to do? Haha, go for it boy! It is better to live life to the fullest and swing for the fence. Chasing down our dreams, pursuing near impossible goals is what true living is all about.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Another Artist Talk, Show Stuff Update

Today I went down to the Louie Gallery on 124 street to pick up the dad prints from the "Life in the Margins" Exposure Photography Festival exhibition. I found out that there will be another talk on the 21st for 25 high school students from Vermilion Alberta. I am working that day but might drop by for an hour or so to hear Larry and do a bit of talking myself.  There was also a talk that I did not attend for graphic arts students which was held at the time of dads funeral. Larry just told me today about it, he did not want to disturb me during those very difficult days. That makes 4 artist talks for the show, 2 that I attended plus the opening night stuff.

I also found today that I sold an additional 2 magazines that were at the gallery. One was bought by a friend from one of my photo clubs and another I think was bought by a relative. Gosh I need to invite more family and friends to these things, then they feel guilty enough to buy my stuff! Kidding aside, the 3 mags I sold will probably cover about  1/2 the costs of producing all the copies. The blurb mags turned into a rather successful part of the exhibition. I am glad I made the extra effort to get them done.

Hopefully I can go to this newest talk. I quite enjoy public speaking now, especially when it involves my photography.

Impossible Project Black And White Film

Found this rather interesting, some black and white instant films from the impossible project folks.

Impossible Project: SX-70 And 600 Black And White Film

Leonardo Self Portrait

Found this fascinating and honest self portrait in one of my older books, " The Art of the Italian Renaissance".

Self Portrait Leonarda Da Vinci 1512

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Photo Story: Old Man In Leprosy Home

This photograph was made in November 2013 my last trip to Nepal. The old man is in his room at a leprosy centre. He had a large barren concrete room to himself with these big wooden doors. When I approached him and asked to take his picture he was crawling on the floor with his pants half way down. This is one of those moments where your not sure you should take any pictures. The man was ok with photography and allowed me to proceed. I thought it was important to document his life so I made this photograph.

Tech details: Leica M6, 21mm F2.8, Tri-x exposed at 200ASA, development 12 minutes 30 seconds in D-76 2/1 at 20C.

Old man at home for leprosy patients, Nepal 2013

Quote: Hillary Clinton

 "Human rights are women's rights and women's rights are human rights once and for all."

Photo Story: Ann Freelancer

This photo was made during my 10 month stay in Bangkok in 1999. At that time I was doing photographic portraits of street beggars and eventually started to photograph the freelance sex workers in Bangkok. These workers would sell themselves to Western sex tourists in one of the main bargirl/boy/ladyboy sex buying areas of the city.

Ann was a woman I did not know well but she struck me as fearful of the world she was involved in. I remember that night, the Bangkok street was dark noisy and dirty, all of a sudden I saw Ann standing in the open wearing a beautiful dress. She was lit by a strange light and had this sort of shell shocked look to her. She seemed so strange in that environment, the street was so noisy, polluted and ugly but there was this beautiful woman standing there, angel like.

Later on I made a small b/w contact print to give Ann but I never saw her again. Another poor girl who entered the sex selling world, probably to help her family. What happened to her? Did she continue working the streets? Did she leave Bangkok? Did she get sick? I do not know. I hope she left the scene, found happiness in her life.

The feeling I see in Ann's expression is why I stopped photographing the sex scene in Asia, its a tough brutal scene, it wears you down. burns you out. Eventually I could not take it anymore, it was just too ugly. I might be going back into that world again, but I need to toughen myself up again first.

Tech Details: Mamiya M6 with flash, 80mm lens at around F11, Tri-x exposed at 200ASA. Development HC110-B, some reticulation problems from Bangkok water. This negative was developed in a Bangkok Thailand apartment washroom darkroom.

Ann freelance sex worker, Bangkok Thailand 1999